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My journey begins...

My journey begins...

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·Jul 22, 2021·

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So I've heard how good an idea is for a developer to keep a Blog, and I finally decided to start one.

I guess at the beginning this will be useful especially for me, to consolidate in my memory the topics that I study, the books that I read and the trainings that I follow. Eventually, I hope that what I'll write could also come in handy in the long run to someone else.



Myself in San Francisco, during a business trip

My history with development starts a few eons ago, as you could have guessed from this post's cover.

I started nurturing my nerditude in 1985, when I bought my first computer, the mythological Commodore 64, at 12 (you can do the math to figure out how vintage I am).


The times of 5 1/4 inch floppy disks

It was love at first sight. But I confess that it was just a little bit of BASIC and lots of playing.


Montezuma's Revenge running on a glorious C64

To make a long story short, I ended up with a Master's degree in Telecommunications Engineering, landed a job in the Industrial Automation field. I played around with several programming languages, including ANSI C, Java, Objective C, and Swift (I'm an indie iOS developer since 2010, and I confess that I gradually fell in love with Apple Products).


My first Mac: a glorious Mac Mini 2010

My day job is as an R&D developer for a big European multinational company. I spend most of my time building software to enable devices such as PLCs to communicate with mobile and web applications and create value from the collected data.


Industrial Automation + IIoT

In my free time and sometimes even at night, I try to gain significant experience in full-stack development since I have a few ideas, and I'd love to realize an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) to validate those ideas on the market.


The MERN stack (M = MongoDB, E = Express, R = React, N = Node.js)

For this reason, in the past months, I've been studying lots of different topics, such as Python, Javascript, Node.js, React, MongoDB, Data Science, and some Machine Learning, trying to figure out the best stack for me, from the several available out there.

As you could imagine from the technologies I mentioned, I'm addressing my energies towards the MERN stack, but let me stop here.

Maybe this could be the topic for my next post.



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